About Holly Fischer

 Having grown up in a rural environment in S. Texas, Holly developed her love of the natural world on countless rides into the wilderness on her horse.  She would spend hours exploring the endless pastures and acres around her childhood home and tromping around in her cowboy boots from sun up to sun down.  She moved to California where she received her B.S. and M.S. degrees and developed and ran a family business with her late husband while also becoming a mother of three sons. 

She picked up a camera years ago to photograph her children and hasn't looked back.  Her passion for the natural world is seen in her breathtaking and awe-inspiring compositions, which not only please the eye, but speak to the heart.  She loves traveling to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Yosemite and has enjoyed international trips to Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Europe, Iceland and Southeast Asia in the last several years.

She calls Central Oregon her home because here, she is surrounded by the beauty that inspires her every day to get up to capture more outstanding images!  Her work has been featured several times by National Geographic and has won recognition from the National Parks Service and Grand Teton National Park.

She enjoys teaching aspiring photographers and doing photo tours of Central Oregon.   

If you should have any questions, please feel to contact Holly at hollyfischerphotos@gmail.com.